Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I order a garden shed?

    Our range of garden sheds is available to purchase via this website, You can browse the range by selecting your preferred roof style, then desired size and whether you want coloured steel or zinc. Once you select a product you will view the price, colour range, and if any extras are available to purchase with that model. 

    • Can I request any changes outside of what is offered on this website?

      Only those options listed on each model are available. 

      • Can I make any changes to my order once it has been purchased?

        No. Once you have selected your model, colour, extras and made payment, the order is sent straight to the supplier. Please make sure you have checked your selection to ensure you have made the right choice.

        • How do I work out the total price of my garden shed?

          Each model has a base price, and then each optional extra has a cost associated. When you add extras to a product you will see the total of the base price PLUS any extras you nominate.

          • What payment methods are accepted?

            We accept VISA or MasterCard.

            • How do I receive my invoice?

              Your invoice will be emailed to you once you have purchased via credit card.

              • Do I require an email address?

                Yes. In order to make an online purchase and receive your invoice, a valid email address is required.

                • Do you deliver direct to my site?

                  YES! We deliver direct to the address you nominate during checkout. 

                  • What are the dimensions of my shed?

                    Please read the product description pages for external and internal shed dimensions. 

                    • What are the dimensions of my flat packed shed?

                      Package sizes and weights are detailed on each product description page. 

                        • Are the sheds difficult to assemble?

                          Our range of garden sheds are easy to assemble. We have provided videos of each step in the process that you can view on our Garden Shed Assembly page. Each product comes with a detailed construction manual also. Please make sure you follow all steps outlined in the manual to ensure the structural integrity of the shed.

                            • Is my garden shed supplied ready-assembled?

                              No. Our garden sheds are supplied to you flat-packed and you will need to assemble the structure yourself.

                                • What tools do I need to assemble my garden shed?

                                  Basic tools are required including a power drill with #2 Phillips Driver bit, safety knife, measuring tape, pencil, pliers or multigrips, and safety gloves.

                                    • What if there are damaged components when I collect my garden shed?

                                      Please contact our Customer Service team on 1300 94 33 77. Our representatives will request you email through photos of the damage, and will pass these onto the supplier.

                                      The supplier will determine the level of damage (if it is simply packaging or actual component damage) and then advise the options. If it is deemed appropriate, a replacement of any components or a refund of the entire product will be offered.

                                        • How long should it take to arrive?

                                          Usually it takes around 7 - 10 business days for your order to be manufactured. Your shed will then shipped from the supplier in Albury, New South Wales. Delivery times will vary depending on your location and distance from the supplier.

                                            • How do I check the status of my order?

                                              If you have not been contacted by your nominated collection depot within 2 weeks from when you placed your order, please contact Customer Service on 1300 94 33 77 who can check the status of your order.

                                                • Who do I contact if there are any issues with my order?

                                                  If you have any concerns with your order, please contact Customer Service on 1300 94 33 77.

                                                  • What is the opening size of single and double doors?

                                                  The standard single door opening is 750mm. The double door opening is 1500mm. Please read the product description pages for information around the door size on your preferred model.

                                                  • Is it possible to change the door from the front of the shed to the side wall?

                                                  Unfortunately no. We cannot provide any additional materials to support moving the position of the shed door. 

                                                  • What warranty is offered?

                                                  A 20 year warranty is offered by EasyShed (in normal conditions).

                                                  • What is the base metal thickness?

                                                  Base metal thickness of wall sheets is .32mm, with a total thickness for coloured sheets of .35mm.

                                                  • How does the truss roof differ from the gable roof?

                                                  The large truss roof garden sheds feature a welded steel support as a central beam, adding extra strength for larger shed models.

                                                  • What colours are available? How do they match to COLORBOND® steel colours?

                                                  The image below demonstrates the available colours from EasyShed as well as how they align with COLORBOND® steel colours, if you are trying to match existing buildings or fencing. 

                                                  Comparing EasyShed colours to COLORBOND

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