Start Shopping - Select your Garden Shed Type

How to order your garden shed online

1. Choose Your Shed Type

You have the choice of skillion, gable, truss or flat roof designs as well as a compact model that is attached to a wall and even bird/aviary houses. We supply EasySHED garden sheds that are Australian-made using high tensile steel and come with a lifetime supplier warranty.

For those in areas with extreme weather, check out the cyclonic range.The impressive StormSHED® is designed to withstand winds up to 316kph (a wind velocity of 88 m/s) and is compliant for W60 Cyclonic Conditions. The design incorporates a reinforced frames and are rated to Region D Category 2 cyclonic conditions and are suitable for wind zones category C and D.

2. Choose Your Model

Once you have selected the style or roof type, you will then see all available sizes within that range. Click on your preferred model to see detailed product information. 

3. Select the Colour or Zinc & Extras

Once you have selected your model, you can then choose your preferred colour or zinc. Plus you will see any options (skylights, concrete brackets or temporary anchor pegs) that are also available.

4. Add to Cart

Once you are happy with your product, add it to your cart and move through to the purchase stage.

5. Nominate Your Shipping Details

We now ship direct to your door! It is at this stage where you nominate your preferred shipping address. Shipping is calculated based on the weight of your chosen garden shed model and will be added to the total cost of your order.  

6. Make Payment

Payment can be made via credit card, either MasterCard or Visa. We do not accept AMEX or any other cards.

Easy to Assemble

All of our steel garden sheds are supplied with an illustrated five-step assembly booklet. All you need is an electric drill and screw driver; it really is as simple as that. To further assist with assembly we have made a number of videos available to you online that will further step your through the process. 

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